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As BNC gets ready to run up to 468 candidates for the 2018 elections, this page lists what kind of candidate BNC is looking for in this particular district. Before you nominate a candidate or begin searching for candidates, you'll need to read our general BNC candidate criteria. It might help to read about how to find BNC candidates! Nominate someone here!

About this district

The district you're nominating for has a plurality or majority of conservative Christian voters. In this district, we need a candidate who will represent those voters, and that means someone who belongs to that culture. It's important to keep in mind, however, that there are far more similarities between the values systems of progressives and conservative Christians than differences. A lot of evangelical Christians are downright radical when it comes to economic and social justice issues. Like progressives, the vast majority of conservative Christian voters are deeply concerned with the welfare of their neighbors, fellow Americans and people everywhere.

In this district, it's not enough to simply be Christian -- to be a strong candidate one really needs to come from the evangelical Christian culture. Depending on the district it may even matter what particular denomination one belongs to.

There used to be two issues in particular that worked as an unbridgeable divide between Americans—but that divide is breaking down in ways that offer great opportunities for unity. On abortion, many have seen that the way to reduce abortion is not to make draconian laws over women's lives, but to promote education and economic opportunity. On gay rights, many Christians have seen that the Church is losing young people in droves partly because it came to be seen as anti-gay and anti-gay marriage, and have realized just how unchristian the behavior of anti-gay Christian leaders has been.

In other words, there are some great Christians who already agree with the BNC platform, would make great candidates and who come out of conservative backgrounds -- in every single Republican district. Reach out and find some!

We encourage our supporters to help us in keeping our Congressional District information accurate and up-to-date. If you know of other requirements or opportunities for this district, we welcome you to edit this page!